Control Your Emails, Block Email threats all at once

Adaptive Reputation and Content Analysis + Attachment/URL behavior analysis + Threat Intel and Visual Aids
Maldun ESG detects, blocks, and predicts email based threats, keeps customers safe from email borne attacks

Comprehensive Defence

Full coverage and protection. Flexible and customized attachment analysis, independent anti-phishing module to identify impersonation. Powerful Anti-Spam engine calculates Spam/Graymail probability with multiple algorithms. Real-time advanced threat analysis to identify and stop unknown threats.

Flexible & Cost-effective

Appliance, Virtual, Cloud, or Hybrid deployment options as you wish. Low management and maintenance cost. High performance, highly customized policy and control, low management cost and efforts. Rich Email analysis data, report and intel to understand and address the Email threats!

Cutting Edge & Innovation

All-in-one solution with dynamic threat analysis to recognize unknown threats and understand threats from intel. Patented next generation engine to defeat all Email threats with intelligent adaptive system, machine learning, and threat intel. Powerful tools to trace, retrospect threats.

Secure & Boost Your Business

Stop phishing, ransomware, advanced threats at the email gateway. Effectively protect enterprise business and assets. Filter Spam and unwanted emails, Low FP/FN management, improve employee efficiency and business priorities. Rich email data and intel to present the high valuable information.